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Thursday, October 20, 2011

He is Enough

Some days I am completely content with my life, In addition to all my basic needs being met, I have a loving husband, sweet baby girl, a great job, fabulous friends and family who are my biggest fans.  I smile and sigh and thank God for my beautiful life.  I need nothing else to be happy, just Him.  Ahhh, thank you Lord Jesus.

Then my mind starts to wander to all my "wants" and my "gotta haves". It's like the devil realized I was taking a break.  And BAM...Don't you want a shiny new car?... BAM BAM....Your house needs a paint job....BAM BAM BAM...I can't believe you have to go to work and leave your baby again...Contentment heads right out my older less energy efficient windows. 

It is clear to me that if we have shelter and food, we are blessed beyond most.  Please believe me when I say I recognize that and I'm truly grateful.  Sometimes if feels like the devil's attacks are working.  Sometimes it feels like I can't control my greed as soon as I get rid of one thought, the next pops right into my head.  To be perfectly honest, I'm jealous of two types of people. The ones that are content with what they have and the ones who have more.  I strive to be happy where I am and sometimes I win the battle and sometimes I slip up.  In our society, it is hard to NOT notice all the marketing in all of the media telling us we aren't "good enough" if we don't buy their product. 

I believe we must have faith that GOD is enough, not the things we have or wish we had.  Just God.  If we had nothing else, just Him, we need to remember that's all we need.  He will get us through the hard stuff, trust me, I've seen it happen. 

I read a blog recently that made me look at my wants in a new horrific light.  In this world, there is so much need.  Not wants, but true needs.  For food, clean water, shelter, the basics.  Here's the amazing part, some of those people are praying not for their children to grow up and become wealthy and successful but for them to love the Lord.  Thats it, thats how they know they will be okay in this world, if their children just have faith in God the know they will turn out alright.  How amazing.  They get it.

It all comes down to perspective.  We must realize that our collection of stuff does not matter.  How we love God and show our love to ourselves and others is what keeps us on the right path.  Not the new thing we think will make us "okay".  I believe the shiney new things can sometimes block my view of God.  I get so caught up in the wants that I forget my most basic need is Him.  So today I trust in Him.  To meet ALL of my needs, and He will give me the desires of my heart.

Psalm 37:3-4.
3 Trust in the Lord, and do good;
dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.

4 Delight yourself in the Lord,
and he will give you the desires of your heart

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Sarah said...

I LOVED this, Heather!!! I go through the same struggles and feel guilty for complaining about my BEAST, I mean, my car! Because really I should be thanking God that it is paid off and it is getting me and my kids where we need to go! Without fail! :))) THANK YOU, GOD!!!