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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Teaser - need your feedback!

Here is an idea I'm trying out.  I need motivation, as most of you know.   I need a push, right off this timid little cliff I stand at the edge of.  Frankly I've been writing for so long that I ought to have 17 books published by now.  Yet, not one has been finished.  So I'm setting a goal, an accountability goal for all of you to witness.  I've got a couple books I'm working and this one really makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  So, I thought I would give you a sample...a teaser, if you will.  However here's the catch, I need your feedback in order for this to work.  Let it rip, a no holds barred kind of feedback.  So here goes nothing!

"The wind blows fierce tonight.  God is angry.  I always associate the wind with something God is telling me.  Its when I don’t listen that the wind whips around angrily.  It is, ironically enough, a dark stormy night.  Something bad must happen...its just perfect for a horror flick. I can almost hear the director yelling..."roll tape!!"  I wonder what I could have done wrong to cause such a scary night.  There are afternoons where the sun is hugging my shoulders and the wind wraps around me like a soft silk scarf.  I know god is nuzzling up against me, loving me and sharing how much He loves me.  Then there are times when I feel His tender nudge in the wind.  The one that says don’t forget to do the right thing.  Then there are nights like tonight where I feel His anger.  I sense the thick pungent sting of guilt.  There is a tiny boy scout in my stomach practicing his nautical knot tying.  As the wind blows through my thin jacket I feel it, God is on to me..." favor...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

God So Loved the World...He Made Me a Rock Star...kind of

"Ms. Farrell, its time." Opening the door from my peaceful dressing room, I step into the excitement.  I can feel the wind blowing my perfectly coiffed hair as I walk quickly down the back hall towards the stage.  The cool air tingles when it hits my hot cheeks.  I barely notice all the people around me, I'm focused on the crowd chanting my name.  People with headsets whisk by me announcing my arrival.  When I approach the arena, one last make-up check, one last wardrobe check.  I bow my head, say a quick prayer for God's blessing and strength.  The stage goes dark and a deafening roar encapsulates the entire arena.  It again grows silent...quiet enough to hear a match lite.  The lights come up and the arena comes alive, the music escalates. I'm staring passed the spotlight into the crowd.  So full of energy and passion I explode into song and the entire arena sucks back as if in a vacuum and for a moment the crowd's electricity is paused...then  it implodes.  Screaming fans and music lovers are all singing and dancing along.  I can feel the warmth of the spotlight surrounding me.  It feels like a giant hug from God.  I close my eyes and take it all in.

When I open my eyes again, I'm laying in my bed.  My hair tied in knots and my mascara is running down my face.  No, I didn't wipe it off before bed...don't judge. 

This is how God loves me.  He loves me enough to make me feel like millions of fans are screaming my name...even when I'm in my penguin jammies with bedhead like nobody's business.  He is my biggest fan.

And there's nothing special about me, He loves all of us this way.  His love may feel like an award winning film red carpet release, or like a rocket shooting into outer space.  He could love you like finding your new favorite sweater on the clearance rack.  For those of you with children, you probably get the best seat in the house for knowing that kind of love.  However, that is just a fraction, a tiny sliver of the way it feels being in God's love.  His love is bigger.

John 3:16 says that
God so loved the world, that he gave His only son, and whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.
  That scripture amazes me.  He allowed His son to be put to death.  He did this because of His love for YOU and me.  So we could be with Him forever.  And the best part of that scripture is that it says "God so loved the WORLD."  Not "God so loved that "sister super christian" down the street."  or "God so loved the people who go to church every Sunday".  Nope, it says "the world".  I encourage you to remember that.  Mistakes and all, God loves every one of us.