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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Teaser - need your feedback!

Here is an idea I'm trying out.  I need motivation, as most of you know.   I need a push, right off this timid little cliff I stand at the edge of.  Frankly I've been writing for so long that I ought to have 17 books published by now.  Yet, not one has been finished.  So I'm setting a goal, an accountability goal for all of you to witness.  I've got a couple books I'm working and this one really makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  So, I thought I would give you a sample...a teaser, if you will.  However here's the catch, I need your feedback in order for this to work.  Let it rip, a no holds barred kind of feedback.  So here goes nothing!

"The wind blows fierce tonight.  God is angry.  I always associate the wind with something God is telling me.  Its when I don’t listen that the wind whips around angrily.  It is, ironically enough, a dark stormy night.  Something bad must happen...its just perfect for a horror flick. I can almost hear the director yelling..."roll tape!!"  I wonder what I could have done wrong to cause such a scary night.  There are afternoons where the sun is hugging my shoulders and the wind wraps around me like a soft silk scarf.  I know god is nuzzling up against me, loving me and sharing how much He loves me.  Then there are times when I feel His tender nudge in the wind.  The one that says don’t forget to do the right thing.  Then there are nights like tonight where I feel His anger.  I sense the thick pungent sting of guilt.  There is a tiny boy scout in my stomach practicing his nautical knot tying.  As the wind blows through my thin jacket I feel it, God is on to me..." favor...

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