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Friday, April 22, 2011

Let go and let God. Wait, what? You mean I'm not in control? Hmmph

Sometimes God amazes me. I stand in awe of His kingdom. Think about just the clouds in the sky, the patterns they make, the colors they reflect. Think about the tiny pink apple blossom buds that are popping up by my house (now there's a miracle right there, I thought winter will NEVER end!). Look at someone you love dearly in a new way. Maybe just the strands of their hair or the shape of their hand...tell me that creation was random.

The point to my romantic ramble is this: I did not want a blog, I had no idea what I would write about should I finally succumb to writing a blog. Then, when I DID write a intention for content was nothing like what came out yesterday. Proving more to me that I AM NOT IN CONTROL.

You know the person who sits in the passenger seat while you are driving, and puts their hands on the roof and screams "The cars are all stopping!"? Yeah, I'm that girl...just ask anyone, they will tell you...I'm annoying.

You know the person who asks you to help them, say clean up the living room then after you have finished she goes behind you and straightens the way she likes it? Yeah...that's me too. Sorry, just ask my husband, it's irritating.

Suffice it to say, I'm a control freak. It would be rather lovely to have things my way all the time, but that's not Gods way. I'm pretty sure that the lesson I've been walking around in the desert like the Israelites is to "Let go and let God!"

Obedience is key here, yet another of my fabulous strongholds. Gods small still voice will help you through life, but you must settle your heart and listen.

There are a couple of key points in that statement. You must settle your heart. Matthew 6:6 states "And when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to the father, who is unseen. Then your father, who sees what is done in secret will reward you.".

This says a few things to me. Number one, go somewhere where you will not be distracted...turn off that tape recorder in your head. But it also makes it clear that God knows our hearts so there's no need for dramatic prayers and flowery words done out loud so others hear. Just go somewhere quiet and talk to your God. You will know somewhere in your belly what Gods wants you to do. Whether it's forgive someone, pray for someone, or start a blog!

It's amazing when you pay attention to what God has been trying to tell you, everything falls into place. So sorry fellow control freaks, we don't run the show. However, here's the good news, when you "let go and let God" prayers are answered in a way that you never imagined and couldn't be more satisfying.

Thanks to you all for the warm welcome to blogging!



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