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Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Am a Writer!

Sometimes I don't consider myself a writer although that is what I dream of.  Besides the days when I dream I'm Pat Benetar...we'll deal with those issues later.  Writers...write.  Dreamers...dream.  Guess which one I lean towards?  If I'm a dreamer, then 'nuff said.  Shut down the laptop and go to bed. 

But I'm a writer dammit.  I wasn't given this gift to go to bed at night dreaming of all the things that I could be doing with it.  I was born with a purpose.  I was born with a reason for being able to tap these fingers on these keys. 

As a child, my grandma held my "piano fingers" telling me they were long and ready for a purpose.  I thought during my seven years of piano lessons that music was my purpose.  But I know now that I'm a writer.  I write my thoughts and my feelings down for you all to read because I know you feel this way too.  I know some of you need to know that it's okay and it's normal.  I know that I need to be reminded that God loves me and He loves you too.  God gave me this purpose because of my heart, because I know the truth and I know how to say it because I am just like all of you.  I don't always speak eloquently, I am not a poet; just a friend to all of you.  I laugh at myself and share with you stories of my heart, my family and friends.

God handed it to me and told me what to do with it.  So now I say to you, it's over, I'm done with getting in my own way.  I can't take my lousy excuses and putting up with hearing my gut scream at me.  I'm a writer and I'm done playing games, I'm done doing this halfway.  It is all on me, nothing left to say but, "Write On!"

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