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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finding God in the Middle of the Summer

I said I would write…I never said how often (I say with a sly smile on my face). 
We have had a wonderful whirlwind summer so far.  If summer were to end tonight and tomorrow would be fall, I would still say we lived it to the full. 
So here I sit, trying to get back into my words.  Words make me feel like I’m home, whether it’s writing or reading, its comfort to me.  We have already been so busy that it is nice to have the feeling of home, both literally and figuratively. 
Thats the beauty of faith.  Our God is everywhere in our lives.  He was in the airport sharing in my daughter’s excitement at seeing the airplanes.  He was at the water park while my husband and I cruised around the lazy river.  He was definitely at our church’s Vacation Bible School this past week.  I’m thankful for all the ways that our God shows us He’s with us even when life isn’t rolling at a normal pace. 
Just because our routines have changed around and we feel so disconnected from our “normal” lives, doesn’t mean we can’t feel God’s presence in everything we do.  I try to remember to keep my constant communication lines open with Him and I am amazed at the miracles that I’ve been able to document so far this summer.  We must remember that God is in the little things like a cup of coffee in the quiet as the sun comes up, the lapping sound of water after a long day at the beach or the smell of a bonfire on a Saturday night.  Our God enjoys all of those things just as much as we do. 
Remember to thank Him for all your moments, even the ones where your ice cream melts.  (PS – the answer is you HAVE ice cream!) 

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